Autograph Post Card Sold on E-bay

A 1954 handwritten but unsigned post card from Evelyn Waugh to Gerald Matthews (described as a sports journalist) was recently sold on E-bay. The post card is postmarked 2 July 1954 and reads:

“Chokey was a minor character who had no further function to perform.

Sebastian Flyte was an important character and in the novelist’s opinion was treated at suitable length.

Anthony Blanche fulfilled his prophetic functions successfully twice.

The novelist did not lose interest in any of the characters.”

The transcription is by the seller. It is not clear whether Waugh is responding to an enquiry from Mr Matthews or to something Mr Matthews may have written in a publication. It would appear to be the former since the post card is addressed to Mr Matthews at what looks like a residence, rather than to the editor of a publication.  There is, however, no correspondence from a person of that name in the BL’s Evelyn Waugh correspondence archive.

A copy of the original was posted on the internet by the seller. The item sold on 14 February. The price was £295.

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