Upcoming Waugh Events

–This Thursday, 29 July will effectively be “Waugh Night” on BBC Four. This will start with the 2008 Ecosse/Miramax film adaptation of Brideshead Revisited. BBC was one of several co-producers of the film and has redeployed it several times. Oddly, it seems to get better over time as the changes in the story have become better known and less jarring while the quality of some of the acting becomes more evident. This will be followed at 2205 by Waugh’s Face to Face interview with John Freeman, one of the best in what was an outstanding interview series. If you are still awake after all that, you might want to watch the following program as well. This is a film adaptation of Dodie Goodwin’s novel I Capture the Castle. It’s like Brideshead Revisited without the religion. These will all be available on BBC iPlayer after broadcast (indeed, I think the Face to Face interview may be a permanent posting). A UK internet connection is needed to stream these.

–Amazon Prime will be streaming the BBC’s recent TV adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s novel The Pursuit of Love. This will be available in the USA starting next Friday, 30 July. See several previous postings for critical reception of the series in the UK.

–Campion Hall in Oxford has announced the book launch for a book by Prof. Gerard Kilroy relating to Edmund Campion. Here is the announcement:

Evelyn Waugh began his life of Edmund Campion as an act of gratitude to Martin D’Arcy, SJ. The book, which he wrote in six months, won the Hawthornden prize two days before the opening of the new Campion Hall on 26th June 1936. His encounters with the horrors of communism in Mexico in 1939 and Croatia in 1944 transformed his understanding of Campion’s martyrdom, which he came to see as part of ‘an unending war’ between state and church, and led to that study of the ‘the same pure light shining in the darkness, uncomprehended’, Brideshead Revisited, whose original title, ‘A Household of the Faith: a Theological Novel’, echoed Campion’s scaffold utterance and perhaps best expressed his own view of Campion Hall.

The Book Launch will be a hybrid event with Professor Kilroy addressing a small audience in Oxford. We invite you to join us for the celebration online.

This is open to online participation on 9 September at 530pm UK time. See this link for free registration. The title of the book that is being launched is not entirely clear. Prof Kilroy is the author of a detailed biography of Campion published about 5 years ago and is also co-editor of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh’s projected vol 17 (Edmund Campion: Jesuit and Martyr). This book launch may relate to yet another book called Edmund Campion and Waugh’s ‘Household of the Faith’ or it may be the issuance of an edition of one of these other books. Details of the event and joining instructions are available at this link.

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