The Trout

Earlier this week, the Daily Telegraph published a list of “the most beautiful pubs in England.” At the head of the list is The Trout in Oxford, asĀ mentioned in Brideshead Revisited as well as the Inspector Morse TV series. This is the place whereĀ Sebastian suggests he and CharlesĀ leave Hardcastle’s motor-car on the way back from Charles’Ā first visit to Brideshead Castle. They will stop there for a drink after dinner in Godstow and walk back to their colleges (Penguin, p. 41). In another recent article on Waugh-related pubs, Duncan McLaren recommended The CrownĀ that is located in the center of Oxford near Christ Church. This was the venue described in Waugh’s story “The Balance” where there began (according to McLaren) a pub-crawl

at the end of which Ernest Vaughan jumps into a car – a decrepit Ford – and drives down St Aldgates, mounts the kerb and crashes into a shop window.


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