Waugh Question Features in Literary Quiz

The Guardian has published two lists of literary questions set by several authors. Among a total of 49 questions there is one about Waugh. This is posed by historian Antony Beevor who wrote, inter aliaCrete: The Battle and the Resistance:

18 In Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honour trilogy, who is the biological father of Virginia Troy’s child?

Tommy Blackhouse
Guy Crouchback

That was one of the few questions that I found easy to answer. Other writers participating in the project include William Boyd, Sarah Waters and Craig Brown. Part One of the list appears here. It contains a link to Part Two.

NOTE (20 December 2015): Craig Brown also included Waugh in his exclusive set of questions for the Mail on Sunday:

11) Michael Peppiatt’s new memoir of Francis Bacon includes many descriptions of the painter being rude about his contemporaries. Match Bacon’s insults with the characters at whom they were aimed:
a) ‘He talked all the time in farts, just a series of farts.’
b) ‘A monster… she shouted all the way through lunch.’
c) ‘I’m afraid he has the smallest c*** in England and of course you can’t go far in the queer world with that.’
d) ‘Why is he so keen to convince everyone he’s so masculine?’
i) Virginia Woolf.
ii) Evelyn Waugh.
iii) Norman Mailer.
iv) Lucian Freud.


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