Daily Mail on Location with Decline and Fall

The Daily Mail sent a reporter (Poppy Danby) and, more importantly, a photograper, to the location in Wales where the BBC’s production of Decline and Fall is being filmed. The results are posted in the Mailonline edition and contain more photos than you will probably want to see. Most focus on Eva Longoria (in costume as well as in headscarf and dressing gown) who is playing Margot Beste-Chetwynde, but there are also several shots of Jake Whitehall (Paul Pennyfeather) and David Suchet (Dr Fagan, headmaster of Llanabba School), also in costume. The location itself is not identified, which is no doubt just as well. Based on the costumes, it would appear that they are probably in the process of filming the school’s sports day.

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