Lt Hooper Enters US Politics

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Tim Kaine, Democratic candidate for Vice President is likened toĀ Waugh’s character Lt Hooper from his novelĀ Brideshead Revisited:

Though a bit character, [Hooper] plays an indispensible role. In his unquestioning embraceĀ of the dominant pieties of his day, Hooper is a stand-in for the vapidity of the society Waugh saw emerging from the rubble of World War II.

The article is entitled “Meet Planned Parenthoodā€™s Tim Kaine:Ā The long campaign to make America safe for pro-choice Catholic Democrats.” It is written by William McGurn, a former speechwriter for George W Bush. Those two facts may be sufficient hintsĀ as to the article’sĀ Ā content, which is behind a Murdochian paywall. You will need a subscription to read the full text.

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