Metropolitan Papers Continue to Trail D&F Production

The Daily Mail has published more photos from the Welsh location setting of the BBC’s production of Waugh’s novel Decline & Fall. Most of these feature Eva Longoria between takes as Margot Beste-Chetwynde, but there are also several of Jake Whitehall and another unnamed actor in full period kit. In addition there is an assortment of period cars that, according to the story, backed up traffic in central Cardiff where the filming was taking place.

In The Sunday People newspaper, there was further comment about Whitehall’s wardrobe, congratulating the BBC on the actor’s transformation. They describe Whitehall as ”almost unrecognizable”:

The Bad Education star, 28, wore the pinstripe suit and fedora for filmmaking in Cardiff…Jack plays Paul Pennyfeather in the adaptation of Waugh’s novel—a teacher seduced by Eva [Longoria’s] character, Margot, a pupil’s mum.

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