Swiss Magazine Notes Waugh Anniversary

The Swiss German magazine Die Weltwoche has published a longish article marking the 50th anniversary of Waugh’s death. In the heading of the online version,¬†it is attributed to Rolf Huerzeler, but there is also a reference in an indent to the text to Rolf Bollmann. The Google translate English version is of a fairly low quality; that program doesn’t¬†seem to do very well from¬†German into English. ¬†Here’s a link to the German language original. It appears to be a summary of Waugh’s life and work up to Brideshead Revisited, with not much detail after that.

From what your correspondent can gather by¬†reading the Google translation, the text follows in broad outline familiar biographical details. It begins badly, however, by suggesting that his first wife, Evelyn Gardner, was a journalist from a prominent Catholic family, and that when they divorced he lost his¬†connection to the upper class,¬†which his¬† Catholic and minor aristocrat¬†(kleinadlige) wife had provided. I may have this all wrong, perhaps one of our readers who understands¬†German might like to comment. Otherwise, the translated text seems to follow the usual¬†biographies (with the usual prejudices). It concludes by describing a¬†project of the Swiss publisher¬†Diogenes to make Waugh’s works available in German. Most recently, it republished Tod in Hollywood, which is the German title of The Loved One,¬†and will reissue¬†Ohne Furcht und Tadel¬†¬†(Sword of Honour) later this year.

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