Swiss Magazine Notes Waugh Anniversary

The Swiss German magazine Die Weltwoche has published a longish article marking the 50th anniversary of Waugh’s death. In the heading of the online version, it is attributed to Rolf Huerzeler, but there is also a reference in an indent to the text to Rolf Bollmann. The Google translate English version is of a fairly low quality; that program doesn’t seem to do very well from German into English.  Here’s a link to the German language original. It appears to be a summary of Waugh’s life and work up to Brideshead Revisited, with not much detail after that.

From what your correspondent can gather by reading the Google translation, the text follows in broad outline familiar biographical details. It begins badly, however, by suggesting that his first wife, Evelyn Gardner, was a journalist from a prominent Catholic family, and that when they divorced he lost his connection to the upper class, which his  Catholic and minor aristocrat (kleinadlige) wife had provided. I may have this all wrong, perhaps one of our readers who understands German might like to comment. Otherwise, the translated text seems to follow the usual biographies (with the usual prejudices). It concludes by describing a project of the Swiss publisher Diogenes to make Waugh’s works available in German. Most recently, it republished Tod in Hollywood, which is the German title of The Loved One, and will reissue Ohne Furcht und Tadel  (Sword of Honour) later this year.

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