Another Norwegian Article on Brideshead

The recent new translation of Brideshead Revisited into Norwegian has engendered another article. See earlier posts. This appears in a Norwegian-language Roman Catholic  weblog and is written by Fr Oddvar Moi. The article contains a brief description of Waugh’s early life and conversion to the Roman Catholic faith. It goes on to describe Brideshead, with a particular emphasis on its religious themes. Finally, there is a discussion of Waugh’s opposition to the liturgical and other reforms following the Second Vatican Council. Most of the material would be quite familiar to English-speaking readers, but there a few original comments arising from its Norwegian context. For example, Fr Moi explains that after his conversion in 1930:

Waugh tried to live as a good Catholic in every way, although Pietist Norwegian Christians would probably find his continued high alcohol consumption and some other habits problematic.

The Google translation is better than average but be aware that it translates “messen” (Norwegian for the religious service of “Mass”) as “fair” or “fairy”. 

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