Latest Evelyn Waugh Studies Available

The latest issue of the society’s journal Evelyn Waugh Studies has been issued. This is No. 48.1 (Spring 2017) and is available at this link. The contents are set out below:


Et in Chatsworth Ego? by Peter J. Comerford

Guy’s Deleted Nippers, Part II: Orphaned Edits and Inconsistent Adaptations of Unconditional Surrender by Jeffrey A. Manley                    


Still No ApologiesEvelyn Waugh, by Ann Pasternak Slater; Reviewed by Robert Murray Davis

Rising ReturnsDecline and Fall: TV Adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Novel; Reviewed by Jeffrey A. Manley

Bats in the LibraryThe Weight of a World of Feeling: Reviews and Essays by Elizabeth Bowen; Reviewed by Jeffrey A. Manley

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