Scoop in Chipping Campden

Duncan McLaren has posted a report of his presentation on Waugh’s Scoop at last week’s literary festival in Chipping Campden. His talk took the lively audience through the novel with Waugh at their sides. It was supported with numerous relevant illustrations most of which are visible in Duncan’s report. As a bonus, Duncan provided insights into his own workspace, illustrated with photos of his writing shed and references to its neighboring hedgehog. Also mentioned at the festival was the expectation that there will be no new volumes of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh until next year when we can expect to see 6.  Here’s a link.

Scoop also features in a report posted in the weblog American Thinker by Taylor Lewis. This relates to an article in the New Republic in which a freelance journalist recites the difficulties facing his profession. According to Taylor, the journalist reflects the profession’s

contrived sense of importance, and the import of journalism, [that] gets in the way of his contentment.  The whole mewling missive is reminiscent of Corker, the journalist in Evelyn Waugh’s classic Scoop, who questions the value of hardworking hacks among the public.  “I ask myself are we known, loved and trusted and the answer comes back, ‘No, Corker, you are not.'”

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