Waugh in Slovenia

Waugh’s novel Scoop has recently been published in Slovenian, the language spoken in what was once the northernmost province of former Yugoslavia.  The translation is by Dušanka Zabukovec who also wrote an Introduction. The book is published by Cankarjeva založba, Ljubljana, under the Slovenian title Ekskluziva: roman o novinarstvu. The translator contributed this note to a list of forthcoming publications:

Evelyn Waugh or how a novel about a deadly serious profession has become entertaining

The British writer Evelyn Waugh has devoted the first half of his career to satire and also achieved his first major successes in the genre. The novel Scoop proves that it is possible to be free-spirited and extremely serious, an elegant and top-notch stylist, and, on the other hand, irresistibly funny, compelling, surprising – almost a century after the first edition of the novel.

Translation of the quoted passage is by Google with a few edits. At least two other Waugh novels have been published previously in Slovenian translations: Vnovič v Bridesheadu (Brideshead Revisited) in 1988, translated by Janez Gradišnik, and Prgiščie prahu (A Handful of Dust) in 1961, translated by Jože Fistrovič.


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