Waugh Conference at Gerald Brenan House in Malaga

The Gerald Brenan House in Malaga, Spain, has announced a one-day conference on Evelyn Waugh to take place a week from today on Friday 23 June.

According to the BarcelonaĀ newspaper La Vanguardia, the conference will start with a showing of the first episode of the 1981 Granada TV adaptation of Brideshead Revisited. This will be followed with a talk by Waugh scholar Carlos Villar Flor entitled “From Oxford to Brideshead: Return to Evelyn Waugh.” The lecture:

… will outline the most relevant facts of Waugh’s biography, focusing on those who inspired one of his masterpieces, ‘Brideshead Revisited’. Villar will also analyze the echoes of this novel in [Waugh’s] later work, especially the military trilogy “Sword of Honour”. And, finally, [Villar] will comment on the two film adaptations of Brideshead that have been carried out to date.

The Gerald Brenan House is named for the expatriate English writer who lived there and at other houses in the area for much of the post WWI period. He was associated with the Bloomsbury Group and hosted many visits by English writers and artists. Waugh does not seem to have been among them, but hisĀ friend Daphne Fielding wrote about her visits to the house.

Villar Flor is a professor at the University of La Rioja specializing in the 20th century English novel. He has written and contributed to several books on Waugh, translated several of Waugh’sĀ books into Spanish, and lectured at many international conferences dedicated to Waugh’s works. He has also written three novels of his own published in Spanish.Ā The Gerald Brenan HouseĀ is now run as a museum and conference center by the City of Malaga. The house is located atĀ Calle Torremolinos, 56, Churriana, Malaga;Ā Tel: 951 926 196.

The translation of the La Vanguardia article is by Google Translate with a few minor edits.Ā 

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