Philip Eade Interviewed by National Review

An audio interview of Waugh’s biographer Philip Eade by National Review’s John J. Miller has been posted on the internet in Miller’s¬†“Bookmonger” series. This may be found on the website Riccochet. It lasts about 10 minutes¬†and begins with Miller asking Eade to comment on the fact that both he and William F Buckley, Jr, founder of the National Review, deem Waugh to be the greatest English novelist of the 20th Century. After throwing¬†that softball, Miller¬†asks Eade what Waugh novel he would recommend to new readers as the best place to start. In reply, Eade¬†names two:¬†Decline and Fall because it is Waugh’s most perfect comedy, written during the happy period of his courtship of Evelyn Gardner,¬†and his¬†alternative,¬†A Handful of Dust,¬†which he¬†joins¬†many others to deem ¬†Waugh’s masterpiece. If a choice must be made, he would opt for Handful. The discussion¬†progresses through Miller’s own preference of Scoop, Waugh’s “conservatism”, and what is new in Eade’s biography.

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