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Waugh and Two Noteworthy 1950s Americans

Recent stories feature Waugh’s attitude toward two Americans who rose to popular fame during the 1950s (and in one case descended into infamy). Waugh’s position on each of them is not what one would have expected. The first is described … Continue reading

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Armies of the Night; Writers on the Right

The Hoover Institution at Stanford University has posted a 1968 TV interview of novelist Norman Mailer by William F Buckley, Jr. This was in Buckley’s Firing Line series which went out for many years on PBS. The subject of the … Continue reading

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Philip Eade Interviewed by National Review

An audio interview of Waugh’s biographer Philip Eade by National Review’s John J. Miller has been posted on the internet in Miller’s “Bookmonger” series. This may be found on the website Riccochet. It lasts about 10 minutes and begins with Miller asking … Continue reading

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Waugh and the McCarthyites

A blogger posting on a community news weblog for West Berkshire has been inspired by reading The Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh to pronounce her assessment of Waugh’s life and work (Penny Post, 29 Sept-9 Oct). After declaring Waugh a … Continue reading

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