Waugh’s Books Ranked in Fashion Magazine Lists

Stylist magazine is a weekly print publication with free distribution within the UK. It has a books column which specializes in listing books in categories thought to be of interest to or likely to amuse its audience of young women. A recent issue listed Vile Bodies as containing one of the 50 funniest lines in literature: “All this fuss about sleeping together. For physical pleasure I’d sooner go to my dentist any day.” This book was also previously rated as having one of the 100 best closing lines in literature: “And presently, like a circling typhoon, the sounds of battle began to return.”

Previous issues have listed other Waugh novels:

Scoop is among the 100 best holiday reads.

Decline and Fall is among the 50 best books about the 1920s.

Brideshead Revisited has, no surprise here, been listed in several categories: Nanny Hawkins is among the 10 best loved fictional nannies; the 1981 TV adaptation is among the 25 best costume dramas and the 25 best DVD boxed sets; and the 2008 film adaptation is among 35 bad adaptations of good novels. 


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