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Christmas Roundup

–In The Times newspaper AN Wilson has written a seasonal essay entitled “How I stopped being a Christmas snob.” He begins with an explanation how he had become one: When a young man in my twenties, I devoured a biography … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Christmas 1945

Here is Waugh’s diary entry for his Christmas 75 years ago–Wednesday 26 December 1945: Maria Teresa and Bron have arrived, he ingratiating, she covered with little meddals and badges, neurotically voluble with the vocabulary of the lower-middle class–‘serviette’, ‘spare room’.  … Continue reading

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A Wavian Christmas, or Two

Magnus Linklater begins his Christmas column in The Times by looking at how noted diarists from the past have marked the holiday: Christmas does not always bring out the best in us — but did it ever? Diarists of the … Continue reading

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