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Christmas Roundup

–In The Times newspaper AN Wilson has written a seasonal essay entitled “How I stopped being a Christmas snob.” He begins with an explanation how he had become one: When a young man in my twenties, I devoured a biography … Continue reading

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Labo(u)r Day Roundup

–Christopher Buckley writing in the Wall Street Journal has identified what he considers to be the five best literary breakdowns. Waugh’s Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold is one of his selections: Evelyn Waugh called this, his next-to-last novel, his “mad book,” … Continue reading

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Roundup: Picture This

A remarkable photo of Evelyn Waugh has been posted on the men’s clothing website Voxsartoria. This is from 1950, although the name of the photographer is not given. What is most noticeable about the photo is the lighting on the … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: Somerset in the News

Most of our Waugh news in this week’s roundup come from or relates to the county of Somerset: An Australian radio program on the ABC network announces the upcoming TV series on the career of politician Jeremy Thorpe. This is … Continue reading

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