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Early August Roundup

–In The Times, author Lynne Truss (best known for Eats, Shoots and Leaves) has found it useful in the present unrestful circumstances to turn to comic novels as a way to reduce stress. She recommends 5 examples. Here is a quote: … Continue reading

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Randolph Remembered

The Daily Beast has published a memoir of Randolph Churchill by Clive Irving. This is in response to Randolph’s relative neglect in the wake of all the attention accorded to his father following two recent successful film treatments and several … Continue reading

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Scoop in the News

Waugh’s 1930s novel Scoop about newspapers and journalists has itself made the news in two journals this week. The Independent, now an online-only newspaper, has compiled a list of  “novels or films whose invented insider culture influenced real life.” Here’s … Continue reading

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Waugh in Djibouti

The Daily Beast, an internet newspaper that it owes its title to Waugh, has run a background article on the small east African nation of Djibouti. Their correspondent Tim Mak made a trip to the country which is now host to … Continue reading

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Another Waugh West Country Venue

In a recent Daily Beast article, several favorite drinking spots of famous writers are identified. One of these is the Barley Mow in Colehill north of Wimborne in Dorset: Evelyn Waugh, distinguished author and godfather of this publication (which takes its … Continue reading

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