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Roundup: Waugh on Wine and More

–Literary critic and novelist A N Wilson writing in the Daily Mail has reviewed the recent reprint of Auberon Waugh’s book Waugh on Wine. According to Wilson: Celebrated author and journalist Auberon Waugh was an iconoclast, a political maverick and wine … Continue reading

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Early August Roundup

–In The Times, author Lynne Truss (best known for Eats, Shoots and Leaves) has found it useful in the present unrestful circumstances to turn to comic novels as a way to reduce stress. She recommends 5 examples. Here is a quote: … Continue reading

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New British PM Also a Novelist (And a Waugh Fan)

The New York Times, in advance of Boris Johnson’s selection as new leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, wrote a profile of his literary career. His book about Winston Churchill sold well and is still in print, but … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson Wins “Pennyfeather Prize”

Michael Deacon writing in the Daily Telegraph reports on Boris Johnson’s overblown responses to parliamentary questions: …Virtually his every answer was a speech, lasting two, three, four minutes…Whether the committee found Mr Johnson’s views enlightening, I couldn’t say. But as … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Foreign Policy Expert

Foreign Minister Boris Johnson cites Evelyn Waugh in a recent speech in Sydney, Australia. In explaining the basis for Britain’s exit from the EU, he is reported as saying this: Joining ASEAN and such forums, he insisted, was far better than … Continue reading

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Mugwump Redivivus

In the present UK electoral climate, The Spectator has republished a 1959 article by Evelyn Waugh in which he expressed his views of elected governments:  ‘Mugwumps‘ are in the news today, after Boris Johnson used the term to describe Jeremy Corbyn. In the … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Winston Churchill and Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, ex-Mayor of London and gadfly without portfolio of the Conservative Party, has written a book about his hero Winston Churchill. Entitled The Churchill Factor, this was published to much acclaim in 2014 and was excerpted in the Daily Telegraph. … Continue reading

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Boris, Winston, Brendan, Rex and Waugh

In a recent Spectator blog, Nick Cohen takes Boris Johnson to task for his adoption of an exit EU strategy. Cohen sees this as nothing more than a cynical move by Boris to take over leadership of the Conservative Party. He … Continue reading

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