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Randolph Remembered

The Daily Beast has published a memoir of Randolph Churchill by Clive Irving. This is in response to Randolph’s relative neglect in the wake of all the attention accorded to his father following two recent successful film treatments and several … Continue reading

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Report of Bodleian Waugh Exhibit

A Spanish-language blogger posting on En Compostela (literally “In Compostela”, probably referring to Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain) has written an illustrated report of a visit to the Evelyn Waugh exhibition (“City of Acquatint”) at the Bodleian Library in … Continue reading

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Pre-Raphaelite Exhibit at the Royal Academy

Milena Borden has kindly sent us the following report about an exhibit in London likely to be of interest to our readers: The Royal Academy of Arts in London is holding an exhibition ‘Works of Feeling: Pre-Raphaelite Book Illustration’ in … Continue reading

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Muriel Spark Centenary to be Observed Next Year

Next year on 1st February will be the centenary of novelist Muriel Spark’s birth. The papers are beginning to build up publicity for the event. Last week The National (Scotland) and The Times both ran articles mentioning the centenary. Both articles … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Visit to May Morris

The recent discovery of the journals of May Morris, daughter of the more famous William, has inspired an exhibit devoted to her life and works. The journals reportedly reveal that she was responsible for many of the creative designs that … Continue reading

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Waugh and the Magnet

Blogger George Simmers has recently posted on his weblog Great War Fiction a report of his visit to an exhibit of volumes from Philip Larkin’s personal library. This was at the University of Hull where Larkin served at the Librarian. … Continue reading

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Walking Tour of Mayfair’s Bright Young Things

Footprints of London has announced a conducted walk through Mayfair which will highlight locations associated with the Bright-Young-Things era. The tour is scheduled for Saturday, 28 October, 1500-1700pm. Here’s a description: A literary romp round Mayfair; the playground of the Bright … Continue reading

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Waugh in the Food Columns

Lisa Hilton, biographer, novelist and now food critic for Standpoint magazine, was apparently assigned to write a review of a new Italian restaurant in Covent Garden called Margot. This establishment was downgraded by some other food critics such as Jay … Continue reading

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Rock Band Named “Flyte” to Issue First Album

A London-based rock band calling itself “Flyte” is about to issue its first album called “The Loved Ones.” Their guitarist Will Taylor has explained the band’s literary associations in an interview by Robin Murray on the website of Clash magazine: Q: … Continue reading

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Waugh Events Announced

There will be a panel on Evelyn Waugh at the Blenheim Palace Festival of Literature, Film & Music in October. This will consist of Paula Byrne, Alex Preston and Justine Picardie who will discuss the life and loves of Evelyn Waugh … Continue reading

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