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Roundup: a Painter, a Photographer and a Satirist

–This quote appears in a recent collection of essays entitled Antisemitism, Islamophobia and the Politics of Definition edited by Prof G D Cohen of Rice University: In June 1945, the British diplomat and man of letters Harold Nicolson admitted that … Continue reading

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Literary Criticism Gets Reviewed

In the current issue of Commonweal magazine, novelist and critic William Giraldi is interviewed by the magazine’s book columnist Anthony Domestico. Giraldi’s collection of essays and criticism American Audacity was publshed earlier this year. After a wide- ranging discussion of … Continue reading

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“Death to Picasso”

Columnist, editor of The New Ctiterion and scourge of academic political correctness, Roger Kimball, has cited Waugh in an article in the conservative/libertarian weblog PJ Media. This was in the context of a “PC” debate that arose from recent unrest in … Continue reading

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