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Julia’s Meltdown and Church Unity

In the latest issue of the Roman Catholic journal Commonweal, there is a review of a book called To Change the Church by Ross Douthat, the conservative commentator on the New York Times. The review is entitled “A Precarious Unity?” and … Continue reading

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Waugh, The Revisionist

The latest edition of Commonweal magazine has an essay by veteran Waugh scholar Robert Murray Davis. This is entitled “‘Brideshead’ Revisited and Revised: The Mixed Reception of Waugh’s Most Famous Novel.” In this, he traces the critical reception of Brideshead … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Dystopia

In the recent wave of interest in dystopian novels following the USA’s change of government, most attention has been focused on 1984, The Handmaid’s Tale (which has been made into a successful TV serial) and Brave New World. Evelyn Waugh’s … Continue reading

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Commonweal Marks J F Powers Centenary

The Roman Catholic literary magazine Commonweal has marked the centenary of novelist J F Powers birth with an article on Powers’ career entitled “His Bleak Materials” by biographer and critic Jeffrey Meyers. The article begins with Meyers’ memoir of a 1981 … Continue reading

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Commonweal Republishes Waugh Story

On the occasion of Evelyn Waugh’s birthday last week, the independent US Roman Catholic magazine Commonweal has republished his 1953 story of the dystopian future, Love Among the Ruins. The story made its first US appearance in Commoneweal’s issue dated 31 July 1953, … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Eton Envy

Commonweal magazine in its current issue has a review of Adam Sisman’s biography of novelist John le Carre. The review is by Jeffrey Meyers who has also written biographies of  several literary figures. Waugh features in the review in connection with le … Continue reading

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