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Mid-September Roundup: Applause and Design

—The Times newspaper carries an excerpt from David Cameron’s new memoirs For the Record in which he recalls his education. After prep school and Eton, he discusses Oxford and concludes with this about his membership in the Bullingdon Club: I … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Eton Envy

Commonweal magazine in its current issue has a review of Adam Sisman’s biography of novelist John le Carre. The review is by Jeffrey Meyers who has also written biographies of  several literary figures. Waugh features in the review in connection with le … Continue reading

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David Cameron Learns from Lord Copper

Blogger Roger Mac Ginty, who is also Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Manchester, compares press coverage of the recent UK-EU negotiations to a Waugh novel: There was something very scripted about David Cameron’s EU negotiations on Thursday and … Continue reading

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Waugh Cited in Latest Cameron Dispute

In today’s Guardian, there is a discussion of the allegations that David Cameron was a member of a secret Oxford club called the Piers Gaveston Society. It was founded in 1977 and named for Edward’s II’s lover. These stories have been … Continue reading

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