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90th Anniversary of Waugh’s First Visit to Ethiopia: 10 October 1930

The following post is by Waugh Society member Milena Borden and is a preliminary version of a longer article that is being prepared for publication in a future issue of Evelyn Waugh Studies: In July, it was reported that the … Continue reading

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New German Edition of Remote People Reviewed

A review of the 2018 German edition of Waugh’s Remote People is published in this month’s online issue of literaturkritik.de. The German title is Expeditionen eines englischen Gentleman, literally “Expeditions of an English Gentleman”. This review  is by Sylvia Heudecker who … Continue reading

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Yugoslavia and Ishmaelia

Dr Robert Hickson has posted another of his “essays” on Waugh’s life and works on the weblog catholicism.org. These should not be mistaken for religious dicussions but are rather compilations of writings from Waugh’s works or memoirs of his contemporaries … Continue reading

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Wavian Echoes from Abyssinian War

Milena Borden has sent the following article based on a recent event reported in Italy (see link) that recalls Waugh’s coverage of the Abyssinian War: Earlier this year, in Italy, the mayor and two town councillors of the town of … Continue reading

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The Daily Beast on The Daily Beast

In an article in the online newspaper The Daily Beast, Robert Bateman describes the origin of the paper’s name. He recounts how the 1935 Abyssinian War was influenced by the First Abyssinian War of 1895-96, which Italy lost disastrously. Benito Mussolini was 13 … Continue reading

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Waugh and George Steer

In a story about the upcoming release of a major English language film production entitled Gernika (Basque for Guernica), the Cape Argus (a South African newspaper) recalls Evelyn Waugh’s assessment of a fellow journalist in the Abyssinian War, George Steer. … Continue reading

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