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Roundup: Wavian Humour When it is Sorely Needed

–Duncan McLaren has posted a new article in a section of his weblog denominated “Waugh Bites” where one can find miscellaneous articles about various unconnected topics. The new posting is entitled “The Legs Have It”. This posits that two leg … Continue reading

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The Saga of the Stella Polaris

Waugh readers will know of the cruise ship M/V Stella Polaris as the vessel on which Evelyn Waugh and his first wife traveled on the 1929 cruise that became the subject of his first travel book. This was Labels  published in … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox Roundup

–Several publications have posted recommended binge reading and watching for the homebound during the Wuhan coronavirus shut-down. Many of these include books or adaptations of books by Waugh: —The Guardian produced a list of 50 of the “Best Binge Watches: … Continue reading

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Life in the Time of Wuhan Coronavirus

There are several articles containing recommended reading for the period of confinement during the present epidemic. But perhaps the most thoughtful is that in (odd as it may seem) the Daily Mail. This is by Roger Alton and relates to … Continue reading

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Peter Fleming’s War Career (More)

In the current New Criterion, D J Taylor reviews the recent biography of Peter Fleming, brother of Ian and friend of Evelyn Waugh. See previous post. Before addressing the contents of this biography, which covers his military career, Taylor discusses … Continue reading

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Group ’27

Spanish novelist and critic Jose Joaquin Bermudez Olivares posting on the Spanish literary website Todo Literatura has nominated a generation of English writers as Group ’27. He refers to a group of Spanish writers with a similar denomination, although their relevance … Continue reading

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Waugh Things First

The religion and public policy journal First Things has posted two articles with discussions of works written by Evelyn Waugh: –The first is a review of a novel by Randy Boyagoda entitled Original Prin that has been described as a … Continue reading

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Book List Roundup: Wuhan Virus Edition

The unfilled hours produced by the disruptions of the Wuhan virus seem to call for more reading and, thus, have apparently inspired the compiling and posting of book lists. Several of these include books by Evelyn Waugh: –The Milwaukee Magazine … Continue reading

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Roundup: Satire in a Divisive Age

—The Times last week carried an opinion article by James Marriott in which he welcomed the announcement that the political satire TV series Spitting Image will return to the screen. But he wonders whether, in the current age of divisive … Continue reading

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Waugh and Pre-Raphaelites at Yale

The New Criterion’s website has posted an article about an exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art entitled “Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement”. The article is written by Stephen Schmalhofer and opens with this: … Continue reading

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