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Evelyn Waugh’s Centenary at Oxford

This month marks the centenary of Evelyn Waugh’s matriculation at Oxford. He started his Oxford career at Hertford College on 8 January 1922. That was the beginning of Hilary Term in 1922; this year, it begins next Sunday, 16 January … Continue reading

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Roundup: Parties, T-shirts and Statues

–The Financial Times has an article by Rosa Lyster on “What makes a great fictional party.” This is inspired by the party drought that was only broken only a few months ago: …As well as people, music and a reason … Continue reading

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New Year’s Roundup

–In a semi-final round of the University Challenge Christmas edition on BBC4, broadcast 29 December 2021, a three-part bonus question was based on the writings of Selina Hastings. The question (at 11:02 minutes) was to identify the subjects of three … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Roundup

–Penguin have announced the issuance of a new edition of Waugh’s first book Rossetti: His Life and Work. This will be in the Penguin Modern Classics series and will be issued in the UK in April 2022. It will be … Continue reading

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When the Going Was Good @ 75

Waugh’s collection of travel writings from the 1930s was published in the UK 75 years ago today. This was entitled When the Going Was Good. US publication followed in January 1947.  This was has first book to be published after … Continue reading

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Septimus Waugh: Reminiscence

The Tablet’s latest issue has a reminiscence of the late Septimus Waugh. This appears in the “Word from the Cloister” column and is based on an interview of Jimmy Burns, journalist and member of The Tablet’s board. He was a … Continue reading

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Roundup: From Party Going to Boredom

–A recent issue of Financial Times contains a “Weekend Essay” on the return of the party, to London and New York at least. This is by Alex Bilmes who is editor of Esquire. After reminiscing about how party going shut … Continue reading

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Armistice Day Roundup

–Perhaps in anticipation of today’s commemoration, this week’s Sunday Times reviewed a new book by Max Hastings. This is Soldiers: Great Stories of War and Peace. Here’s an excerpt from the review: The anthology opens with biblical warriors (Joshua at … Continue reading

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UChicago Course re Waugh Travel Writing

The University of Chicago’s school of continuing education has announced an 8-week course relating to the travel writing of Evelyn Waugh. This will be a weekly session of lectures each Wednesday in January-February. The lecturer is educator and literary critic … Continue reading

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Roundup: Great Writers and Happy Danes

–A Korean language paper Seoul Ilbo recently published a background article on Denmark, explaining its reputation as the happiest country in the world. This appeared among its sources for the article: Also, unlike other Nordics, Danes are known for being … Continue reading

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