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New Biography by Selina Hastings

The latest issue of TLS has a preview from the new biography by Selina Hastings. In this, she writes of the life and works of novelist Sybille Bedford. Hastings explains in the excerpt that Bedford was raised in Germany in … Continue reading

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Waugh and Huxley

Dr Gillian Dooley, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of English, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia, has published a paper entitled “Love, Death and the Satirical Purpose: Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One“. This originally appeared in Texture: … Continue reading

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Roundup: Fleabag and Brexit

—The Times earlier this week carried a review of an ongoing BBC TV series called Fleabag, currently in its 2nd season. The review by Ann Marie Hourihane opens with this: God is what you’ve got left when you’re done with sex; … Continue reading

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Death in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Magazine has recently republished a 2011 article by Ben Ehrenreich which has “Death in L.A.” forming part of its subtitle. That is not far off the title of the German translation for Waugh’s 1948 novel The Loved One (Tod in Hollywood). Waugh … Continue reading

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Waugh Included in “More Letters of Note”

Waugh’s 1942 letter to his wife recounting the disastrous results of his army unit’s attempt to remove a tree stump from the garden of a Scottish aristocrat has now been included in a collection entitled More Letters of Note, edited by Shaun … Continue reading

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Waugh and Psychedelia

This week’s Spectator reviews a book by Rob Chapman about the history of psychedelic drugs. The title is Psychedelia and Other Colours . The book includes a consideration of the contribution made by novelist Aldous Huxley to the popularization of drugs … Continue reading

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Brits in Hollywood

The long-awaited publication of Lisa Colletta’s British Novelists in Hollywood, 1935-1965: Travelers, Exiles, and Expats took place last month in both the US and the UK. Professor Colletta presented a preliminary version of portions of the book relating to Waugh … Continue reading

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