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Roundup: More Letters and a Radio Adaptation

–Another batch of Waugh’s letters have been auctioned recently. These consisted of communications with his bookbinders Sangorski & Sutcliffe regarding special bindings for his own library and presentation copies. These were recently sold by the auction house RR Auction in … Continue reading

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Roundup: Fleabag and Brexit

—The Times earlier this week carried a review of an ongoing BBC TV series called Fleabag, currently in its 2nd season. The review by Ann Marie Hourihane opens with this: God is what you’ve got left when you’re done with sex; … Continue reading

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Brexit, Flags and Travesties

Patrick Kidd in today’s issue of  The Times devotes his “Political Sketch” column to the Commonwealth Conference convened this week in London. He opens and closes with references to an Evelyn Waugh novel: Put out more flags. Evelyn Waugh took … Continue reading

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