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Roundup: Brideshead Matters

In an article posted on National Catholic Register, Joseph Pearce considers whether education still matters and concludes that it should but doesn’t always manage. In order to matter, education must teach the truth as revealed in the wisdom of the … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup of Waviana

An Athens art exhibit has been titled “The Unseen Hook” (Το αόρατο αγκίστρι). The name is taken from Evelyn Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited. As explained in an article on a Greek website: The “invisible hook” is what binds us to … Continue reading

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All Converts Together

A recent issue of the National Catholic Register, a Roman Catholic newspaper, journalist Rick Becker writes of his discovery and enjoyment of Mary Frances Coadey’s 2015 book  Merton and Waugh: A Monk, A Crusty Old Man, and The Seven Storey Mountain. He … Continue reading

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50th Anniversary and Rex Mottram Feature on Weblogs

Mike T in his weblog Boats Against the Current added another article to the  growing list of internet encomia on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Waugh’s death. He makes an interesting comparison with other writers of a curmudgeonly type: … Continue reading

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