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Roundup: Booklists Abound

There have been several lists of recommended books or TV adaptations published in the last week as the Wuhan coronavirus lockdown continues. A number of these have included works by Evelyn Waugh: –The Daily Telegraph published two “Top 100” lists … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox Roundup

–Several publications have posted recommended binge reading and watching for the homebound during the Wuhan coronavirus shut-down. Many of these include books or adaptations of books by Waugh: —The Guardian produced a list of 50 of the “Best Binge Watches: … Continue reading

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Wavian Wine Writing

The Catholic Herald has a review of Auberon Waugh’s 1986 book Waugh on Wine which has been reprinted by Quartet Books. The review is by David Platzer who writes: Waugh reveals in his introduction that it was Tina Brown, his … Continue reading

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A Naïve Domestic Little Unicorn

Writing in Forbes magazine, John Mariani surveys wine writing and finds that this is one area where inexperienced “experts” tend to bring too much imagination to bear on their work. He uses a scene from Brideshead Revisited to illustrate his … Continue reading

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