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Roundup: Eating with Waugh

The Daily Telegraph has a profile of the London fish restaurant Wilton’s on Jermyn Street in St James’s. It is to fish what Rules is to meat, and Waugh is associated with both of them. According to the Telegraph: The … Continue reading

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Penguin Book Cover Exhibit Opens

An exhibit has opened at the Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft devoted to a Penguin Book “modern makeover by designers from the worlds of music, fashion andĀ street art (including Banksy).” Ā This began in 1998 and is explained by one … Continue reading

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Decline and Fall Profiled in Independent

The Independent newspaper (still publishing online) has profiled the BBC’s upcoming production of Waugh’s Decline and Fall. The articleĀ is written by Gerard GilbertĀ and contains much of the same material from cast and crew interviews as that appearing in the other … Continue reading

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Patrick Melrose Novels to be Televised

The Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St Aubyn will be adapted for television in a 5 episode series. Each episode will be devoted to one of the five novels. The satirical humor of these novels is often compared to the … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh and Middle Age

In a recent column in The Independent, D.J. Taylor describes the evolution of the concept of middle age. He invokesĀ the writings of Evelyn Waugh to illustrate the attitude toward middle age ofĀ those bright young people who were young adults in … Continue reading

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