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Lost Children and Losing Margarine

The Guardian has published an article by Alex Clark about the theme of lost children in literature. The prime example is Ian McEwen’s Thatcher-era novel The Child in Time whch has been adapted for television by BBC/PBS in a 90-minute … Continue reading

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Scoop Abides

The Spectator has reviewed the latest novel by Ned Beauman with a nod to Evelyn Waugh. The title of the novel (Madness is Better than Defeat) itself implies a certain amount of irony and the remote foreign setting will resonate with … Continue reading

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New Novels with Wavian Undercurrents

Two new novels have been credited in reviews with having been influenced by the writings of Evelyn Waugh. In the Spectator, Elizabeth Day’s fourth novel The Party is described in a review by Helen Brown as beginning with the hero’s Arriving at … Continue reading

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Waugh and Lodwick and Ludovic

D J Taylor in this week’s Spectator reviews a book about the life of a post-war British writer named John Lodwick. This is A Forgotten Man by Geoffrey Elliott and depicts a prolific writer of over a score of books whose … Continue reading

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Decline and Fall of the Bullingdon Club

This week’s Spectator has a feature article and podcast by Harry Mount on the parlous straits of Oxford’s Bullingdon Club. He confesses to having been a member himself but seems open minded about its likely demise:  It isn’t quite dead — … Continue reading

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Shades of Black Mischief

A recent “Wild Life” column by Aidan Hartley in the Spectator describes how the new British High Commissioner to Kenya has snubbed the few white farmers who remain in that country: I realised I had fallen from grace when we … Continue reading

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Waugh and the McCarthyites

A blogger posting on a community news weblog for West Berkshire has been inspired by reading The Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh to pronounce her assessment of Waugh’s life and work (Penny Post, 29 Sept-9 Oct). After declaring Waugh a … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Upper Lip in Poetry Competition

In this week’s Spectator, Lucy Vickery posts the results of a competition she set for a poem relating to an author’s body part. This was inspired by John Sutherland’s recent book entitled Orwell’s Nose. Several entries are displayed but, with one … Continue reading

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Saga Louts and BYPs

This week’s Spectator reports on the growing problem arising from the increase in the population of “Saga louts.” These are people in their 50-60s who have refused to grow up. They can frequently be observed misbehaving in pubs from which … Continue reading

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New Generation of “Wenlock Jakes” Superstars

Today’s Spectator has a story about the Frontline Club in London. It was founded in 2003 with the idealistic goal of providing a friendly and neutral refuge for freelance international correspondents while they spent time in London recovering from the stress … Continue reading

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