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Helena and the Prayer for Epiphany

A Roman Catholic website called OnePeterFive has posted the conclusion of Chapter 11: Epiphany from Waugh’s novel Helena (Penguin, pp. 143-45). The post has appeared on other religious websites as well. This relates to Helena’s celebration of the Feast of … Continue reading

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BBC Broadcast from Castle Howard Chapel

Last Sunday’s broadcast of the BBC Radio 4 program Sunday Worship came from the chapel of Castle Howard. The celebrant was the Right Reverend James Jones, retired Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, and his subject was “Responding to God’s Grace.”  He … Continue reading

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Correspondence in Spectator re Waugh’s Oxford “Degree”

Alexander Waugh’s letter in the 25 November 2017 issue of The Spectator regarding the conclusion of his grandfather’s Oxford career has engendered a chain of responses comparable to those in which his grandfather used to engage. Alexander’s letter stated: “Evelyn … Continue reading

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Alastair Graham Wikipedia Entry Updated

The Wikipedia article for Evelyn Waugh’s close friend Alastair Graham has recently been updated. This update appears to incorporate information from both Philip Eade’s 2016 biography of Waugh, including photographs published there for the first time, and the 2013 critical study of … Continue reading

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Waugh’s New Year in Dutch Journal

An Amsterdam newspaper has posted an article on an Evelyn Waugh New Year’s celebration. This is entitled “Brideshead is een diamant” (“Brideshead is a diamond”) by Willem Pekelder and is on the website of the newspaper Trouw. It was inspired … Continue reading

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Autumn Issue of Society Journal

The Autumn 2017 issue of the society’s journal (Evelyn Waugh Studies, No. 48.2) has been issued. The contents are posted below. The complete issue will be posted on the internet later this week: ARTICLES Paul Pennyfeather and the Victorian Governess: … Continue reading

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Waugh and Hugh Johnson

In an interview for a recent issue of The Sunday Times, wine expert and author Hugh Johnson mentions commissioning articles by Evelyn Waugh on the subject of wine. This appears in the introduction to the interview by Andrew Lynch: In … Continue reading

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Waugh and the Jellyfish

A recent travel guide includes a reference to Waugh’s fortuitous encounter with a jellyfish off the coast of Wales in 1925, where its intervention aborted Waugh’s attempted suicide. This guide is entitled Britain by the Book and is written by academic … Continue reading

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Waugh Scholar at Oxford Literary Festival

Barbara Cooke, lecturer at Loughborough University and Executive Editor of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh project will appear at the upcoming Oxford Literary Festival. Her subject will be Evelyn Waugh’s Oxford which is also the title of her new … Continue reading

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Corker and Shumble ReBooted

Simon Parry writing in the South China Morning Post offers a retelling of Waugh’s parody of journalists reset in the jungles of today’s Papua New Guinea. He is hired by an unnamed London Sunday paper to cover the story of … Continue reading

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