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Early March Roundup

–Valerie Grove writing in The Times reviews BBC’s recent rerun of John Betjeman’s program Metroland which was originally broadcast 50 years ago (1973).  Grove had interviewed Betjeman about then when she must have been a cub reporter at the Evening … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Ash Wednesdays

On this Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent in the Western Christian Churches, the National Catholic Register has posted an article recounting how Evelyn Waugh and his colleague Fr Ronald Knox observed the occasion. Here’s the Waugh version: He … Continue reading

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Presidents’ Day Roundup

—The London Magazine has posted two articles from its recent offerings that comment on Evelyn Waugh. The first is from an unsigned Poetry and Politics column: Contemporary parliamentarians, in my experience, are not specially attuned to contemporary verse. There are … Continue reading

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75th Anniversary of The Loved One

The Loved One appeared in print 75 years ago this month in the pages of Cyril Connolly’s  magazine Horizon. Waugh had begun writing it on 21 May 1947 shortly after his return to England from Los Angeles.  He finished a … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Roundup

–David Mills writing in The Times takes another look at the novels of post-Waugh English satirist Simon Raven. He considers the 1969 novel The Rich Pay Late, the first of 10 in Ravens’s Alms for Oblivion series: …Raven is astoundingly … Continue reading

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Roundup: Country Houses and Leisurely Lunches

–An essay entitled “‘The Ancient Lore’ of Brideshead Revisited” written by Ianto Fox has been posted on the internet. Here’s an excerpt from the author’s description of its content: Nearly all commentary on Brideshead over the years has focused on the … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Roundup

—The Economist started the week with a story headed by this discussion of a Waugh novel: Evelyn Waugh, a satirist of pre-war England and of the careless aristocrats who ran it, would have had a field day with the modern … Continue reading

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–Duncan McLaren sent over an interesting exchange relating to Waugh’s possible use of Peter Quennell as a model for characters in his novels. His an excerpt from the email that started it: Dear Mr McLaren, I am a reader of … Continue reading

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Jonathan Raban 1942-2023: R.I.P.

The death earlier this week of Jonathan Raban has been announced. He was a well known British-born writer of travel books and novels, although according to several of his obituaries he objected to his works being labelled  “travel books”. The … Continue reading

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MLK Day Roundup

–The German-language paper Der Standart based in Austria has posted an article about Waugh’s book collecting. This is mostly devoted to a book previously discussed. Here is a translation of the text: You may know the British novelist Evelyn Waugh … Continue reading

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