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The Oldie Does Auberon

The Oldie has been running on its weblog a series of excerpts of Auberon Waugh’s Rage columns from its early issues. The latest posting from 1995 deals with aging and is one of the better ones to surface. He begins … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Influence: A Roundup

–Jessica Fellowes, niece of the creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, has written a novel. This follows several companion books relating to the TV series. The novel is entitled The Mitford Murders and sounds like a combination of Agatha Christie … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Essayist

A Spanish language website has reposted a 2011 article from the Guardian’s “Top 10” series in which journalist Harry Mount, now editor of The Oldie, lists his favorite essays. He begins by defining the term: There’s not much point in … Continue reading

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Decline and Fall and Some Others

Harry Mount writing in the Catholic Herald offers these additional thoughts about the BBC’s production: The new BBC One version of Decline and Fall was pretty good – but it could only fall short of the book. The genius of … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh as a Tourist Destination

Evelyn Waugh is mentioned in two recent articles in connection with places tourists might be likely to visit. The first is in an article in the Daily Telegraph’s travel column by Harry Mount. This relates to the centenary celebration of … Continue reading

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Decline and Fall Previewed by Harry Mount and Saturday Review

Journalist and critic Harry Mount has previewed the BBC adaptation of Decline and Fall in the Daily Mail (“Oh! What a Lovely Waugh!”): Here’s hoping the TV adaptation – written by James Wood (Rev) – brings more readers to Waugh’s … Continue reading

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Decline and Fall of the Bullingdon Club

This week’s Spectator has a feature article and podcast by Harry Mount on the parlous straits of Oxford’s Bullingdon Club. He confesses to having been a member himself but seems open minded about its likely demise:  It isn’t quite dead — … Continue reading

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Anthony Blanche and Patrick Leigh Fermor

The current Literary Review carries a review by Harry Mount of the collected letters of Patrick Leigh Fermor. These were just published in the UK under the title Dashing for the Post. Among Leigh Fermor’s correspondents were several of Waugh’s close … Continue reading

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Harry Mount on Brideshead Revisited

The Catholic Herald has marked the 50th anniversary of Evelyn Waugh’s death with a feature article by journalist and author Harry Mount on Brideshead Revisited. Mount begins with an assessment of the novel: Fifty years after his death on April … Continue reading

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War, Peace and Brideshead

In yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, Harry Mount declares the recent BBC adaptation of War and Peace by Andrew Davies to be a failure. This is inevitable, he writes, when an attempt is made to compress a massive 19th Century novel, written originally in a foreign language, … Continue reading

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