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Labo(u)r Day Roundup

–The Catholic Herald has an article by Ken Craycraft in which he reviews the recent biography of Graham Greene (The Unquiet Englishman by Richard Greene). Here is an excerpt: Critics and biographers are always looking for glimpses of Greene’s own … Continue reading

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Roundup: Sash Windows and Sitwells

–Eleanor Doughty writing in Country Life considers whether sash windows should be repaired or replaced. She opens the story with this: There is something about a sash window, isn’t there? The gentle squeak and heave as you lift it up, … Continue reading

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Oxford Campion Event (More)

The Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh has issued an invitation to  recently announced book launch at Campion Hall in Oxford. See earlier post dated 26 July. This clarifies that the book to be launched is the OUP Complete Works edition … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh Studies 52.1 (Spring 2021)

The latest issue of the Evelyn Waugh Studies has been published and distributed to members. This is issue No. 52.1 (Spring 2021). The contents and opening paragraphs are as follows: ARTICLES Evelyn Waugh: A Housemaster’s Report Jeremy Tomlinson Evelyn Waugh … Continue reading

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Upcoming Waugh Events

–This Thursday, 29 July will effectively be “Waugh Night” on BBC Four. This will start with the 2008 Ecosse/Miramax film adaptation of Brideshead Revisited. BBC was one of several co-producers of the film and has redeployed it several times. Oddly, … Continue reading

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Ronald Knox Revival Imminent?

An article in the Catholic Herald (“Rediscovering Ronnie”) suggests that a revival of interest in the writings of Waugh’s close friend and biographical subject Ronald Knox may be imminent. This is written by the Herald’s contributing editor Serenhedd James based … Continue reading

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Roundup: Public Schools, Pronunciation and Epigraphs

–The Daily Telegraph has an essay by Rupert Christiansen reviewing the English obsession with Public Schools. This begins with a consideration of several novels, films and stage plays that center on the miserable lives suffered by both students and teachers … Continue reading

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Memoir of Combe Florey

Sophia Waugh, Auberon’s daughter and Evelyn’s grand daughter, has written a bittersweet memoir of Combe Florey House on the occasion of its sale. This appears in a recent issue of the Catholic Herald.  Here are some excerpts: …My grandfather bought … Continue reading

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Combe Florey House (More)

Alexander Waugh has kindly confirmed the following with respect to the Waugh Family graves next to Combe Florey House: The wall has now been fixed by family effort and EW’s grave is now approached up some steps from the church … Continue reading

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Oldie Digs up Grave Problems at Combe Florey

The Oldie magazine in response to recent stories in the national press about the sale of Combe Florey House has republished an article from 2016 by Teresa Waugh, Auberon’s widow and former owner-occupant of the house. This relates to the … Continue reading

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