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Groundhog Day Roundup

–Columnist John Derbyshire has posted a story in his “Derb’s January Diary” column on the anti-immigrant website Vdare that may start another debate like U/Non-U pronunciation or George and Ira Gershwin’s line “You say tomato, and I say tomahto”. Derbyshire, … Continue reading

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Labor Day Roundup

Spy writer Ben Macintyre was recently interviewed by the New York Times. To the question which book by another author do you wish you had written, he answered: I would love to have written “Scoop,” by Evelyn Waugh, that vicious … Continue reading

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Waugh in the Food Columns

Lisa Hilton, biographer, novelist and now food critic for Standpoint magazine, was apparently assigned to write a review of a new Italian restaurant in Covent Garden called Margot. This establishment was downgraded by some other food critics such as Jay … Continue reading

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Decline and Fall and British Humour

Writing in Standpoint magazine (“War on Waugh”), Waugh’s great grand-daughter Constance Watson expresses dismay at the reaction to the BBC’s adaptation of Decline and Fall which recently concluded its three-episode run on BBC One (emphasis supplied): The great British sense … Continue reading

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Waugh, Helena and the Gnostics

George Weigel, author and Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC, has a written an essay aimed at generating interest in Waugh’s late novel Helena. Writing in the Catholic World Report, Weigel describes the novel … Continue reading

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Blue Feet and Smarty Boots

This week’s issue of Standpoint magazine reviews a autobiographical book by artist Nicky Loutit. The book is entitled New Year’s Day is Black. The review, by Jessica Douglas-Home, begins with this reference to the book’s preface, in which Evelyn Waugh … Continue reading

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Waugh Biography Reviewed in Standpoint Magazine

Philip Eade’s biography of Evelyn Waugh is reviewed by Laura Freeman in Standpoint Magazine together with a recent biography of A E Housman by Peter Parker. Freeman connects the two authors at several points in the review, the first being their residence … Continue reading

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Paul Johnson: Novelists at Arms

Paul Johnson in Standpoint magazine surveys novels and novelists of the Second World War, including James Jones, Norman Mailer, Olivia Manning, Anthony Powell, and Evelyn Waugh: It is a mistake, in my view, to hold a popularity contest between A … Continue reading

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