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The Waugh Before Christmas

–The Daily Mail includes Waugh in a Christmas quiz set by humorist Craig Brown. Here’s the question: 10) Match the Christmas with the participant: a) ‘The presents I got were — as always — far inferior in every way to … Continue reading

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Pre-Christmas Roundup

The Financial Times has a review of a new book about country houses that opens with this reference to Evelyn Waugh who was something of an expert on the subject: Evelyn Waugh wrote Brideshead Revisited in the early 1940s as … Continue reading

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Music of Time

The BBC has undertaken a review of classical music composed in the years 1918-2018. This is entitled “Our Classical Century” and includes recorded performances and commentary on both television (BBC4) and radio (BBC Radio 3). Selections will also be featured … Continue reading

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Roundup: Black Shorts and Literate Oenophiles

–Writing in America: The Jesuit Review, Rob Weinert-Kendt, journalist and editor of the American Theatre magazine, recalls how his life has been shaped by his reading and viewing of Brideshead Revisited as a teenager. He begins by putting the story … Continue reading

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Waugh Event at Gloucestershire Festival

The Chipping Campden Literary Festival has issued preliminary information about its 2019 program. This is scheduled for 7-11 May 2019 and will include an event on 10 May entitled “Scoop: We Need to Talk About Waugh”. This will be presented … Continue reading

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Tatler Reopens U/Non-U Debate

A recent feature article in Tatler magazine reopens the ever popular discussion of English social class markers usually referred to as the U/Non-U debate originally sparked by an article by Nancy Mitford. This latest discussion is by Matthew Bell. Here … Continue reading

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Sunday Roundup: from Rails to Balls

–The new railroad line from Djibouti to Addis Ababa is featured in a recent illustrated story in the Irish Times. This project was financed by the Chinese and was placed into full operation earlier this year. The service is now … Continue reading

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Waugh in Italy

Milena Borden has kindly sent along this report of the recent Waugh seminar in Milan: On 17 November, at the British Council in Milan, a seminar “A Waugh Fest” took place. It was sponsored by BookCity, Milan University and the … Continue reading

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Gabbitas & Waugh

The educational consultants known as Gabbitas have included the following historical description in their internet prospectus: Gabbitas has been involved with Independent Education for over 145 years. We have helped with the education of the British royal family, crowned heads … Continue reading

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Midweek Roundup

–The New York Times reviews a new book about Los Angeles. This is David Kipen’s anthology, Dear Los Angeles: The City in Diaries and Letters, 1542 to 2018. According to the review this isn’t exactly a “rescue mission” for the much … Continue reading

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